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Basic Terms of Appointment

Basic Terms of Appointment

1. Area: Area of your working would be your allotted districts. You will not be Entitled to supply any goods beyond allotted area. In case of any infiltration Outside your allotted area, franchisee will be discontinued.

2. Payment: Payment should be given in advance through Bank transfer or by Demand draft or multicity cheque (Subject to clearance).

3. Business Volume: Minimum business Rs.20000/-per district per month is Expected from the allotted area.

4. Deposit: Minimum Rs. 3000/- should be paid to company as security deposit Per district of operation. Agreement will only be made after receipt of deposit. No Deposit for Direct customers (Doctors).

5. Breakage / Expiry: No expiry/Breakage will be replaced by the company (Nexgen life) No expired unmoving goods will be taken back under any circumstances.

6. Trademark & Ownership: All trademarks will be owned by Nexgen Life sciences. Franchisee will not use or reproduce.Trademarks, Names, Logos, except for the promotion of Nexgen Products.

7. Supply to Govt. /Semi Govt. /Pvt. Institutes: Franchisee will not supply to any Government, Semi-Government or Private Institute without written permission from company.

8. Supply: Goods will be supplied within 5 working days. Subject to fulfilling Minimum order size, payment, & availability of products. You will get the supply from our authorized distributors ie M/S Organic life sciences, Saharanpur (U.P).

9. Jurisdiction: Subject to Local Jurisdiction only (Where C&F Situated).

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