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Oral Products

Oral Composition
Tab.SERA-A Alprazolam0.5mg+Sertaline50mg
Tab. FLUPOX Trifluperazine +Chlordiazopoxide
Tab.AZIN Azathioprine 50mg
Tab.DEUCET Dutasteride0.05mg
Tab.DEXGEN-SR Dexchlorpheramine 6mgSR
Tab.METPRED8 Methyl prednisolone acetate 8mg
Tab.METPRED16 Methyl Prednisolone Acetate 16mg
Tab.MTX 7.5 Methotrxate 7. 5mg
Tab.MTX 5 Methotrxate 5mg
Tab.STIN20 Ebastin 20mg
Tab.CLAP Calcium panthothenate 200mg
Tab.Zinfast Zinc sulfate 200mg
Tab. DESTIN Desloratidine 5mg
Soft gel Oxynext omega3fatty acid+minerals+multivit.
Cap.ITR Itraconazole 100mg
Tab.Biogen-X N-Acetyl cyestin500mg +Biotin10mg+CP 100
Tab.METPRED 4mg Methyl pred.acetate 4mg
Cap.ESMA-D Esmaprazole 40mg+Domperidine 30mg DSR
 Alogen Gel  Alovera 30% +VitaminE+ Hyluric acid

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